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Freedom from the Chains of Sickness, Everybody can be Healed

  • 1 or 45 minuti
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  • The Gathering Place of Believers

Descrizione del servizio

Truth is shared with regard to our ability to combat sickness, affliction, and injuries with the God-given authority, tools, and insight. Peter and Anna share from over thirty years of eye-witnessed experience and miracles of healing and freedom. Instruction is given using a therapeutic approach to combat the effects these attacks perpetuate, while illuminating the truth regarding the lies we have all been fed to perpetuate fear and hopelessness in the medical environment as a whole. God first, the use of forgiveness, and the examination of cause and not just symptoms, allows all people to freely receive the healing and victory when examining the diverse issues plaguing them today. No sickness is beyond hope, whether it be anything from depression to cancer, or autism to amputation, the moment the doctor says "There is nothing that can be done", this is the moment God says "Let me show you what I can do!"

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