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Now Offered In-Home or Private Location Consultations for Health and Wellness,

Pilates, Personal Empowerment, Body Sculpting, Anti Aging,  and Elder Placement Sevices

We provide a Mind, Body, and Spirit consideration in our approach to coaching, personal empowerment, and treating any and all Afflictions, Addictions, Injuries or Sicknesses we might find our brothers and sisters suffering from. We teach and provide the tools to properly combat these issues as God intended.  We feature a gentle blend of Western and Eastern Medical methods to provide the optimizing of medical care considerations, utilizing a healing philosophy that places God, Goodness, and everything Natural at the footsteps of our treatment methods. This care is not meant to replace existing treatment procedures but merely to augment them.


$250 per hour Initial Consult 1-3 Hours, Monthly and Yearly Limited Memberships Available


VIP In-Home Services provides an at your own home opportunity for people to enjoy the benefits of Wellness Consulting in the convenience of their own home.


The In-Home consultation and treatment option or VIP Services is for people who either from a point of convenience or necessity would prefer to have their consultation and subsequent treatments in the luxury of their own home. This is a Wellness and Therapeutic form of the new and increasingly desired "Concierge" service that is finding itself becoming increasingly in demand especially in the more affluent sectors of our society. 


In this time of high deductibles, and even higher hurdles to receive authorization or quality of care when dealing with the restrictions of participating insurance care, GEM has opted to take the control out of the hands of the insurance company and put it back into the place where it belongs; In the hands of the people receiving the care themselves. We model our desire to practice after the Country Doctor Image where the care provider examines the person and gives them subsequently everything they need to facilitate healing themselves.   




$250 per Hour Consultations, Evaluation, and


We enter an analysis that encompasses not only all considerations of the Mind (Experiential), Body (Physical), and Belief (Spiritual), but takes these individual aspects into consideration when formulating the therapeutic approaches for eventual True Comprehensive and effective Therapy or Rehabilitation.


These principles, methods and practical applications are put into place in the Out-Patient Consulting atmosphere, in the Direct Client Consulting both in private home and contracted locations, in the Seminar, Private, or Public Speaking environment, and in the soon to instruct and mentor in a Non-Profit Private Practice environment of complete healing and wellness.


As a Cash-Only Practice, we free the client and the Physical Therapist from the control and stigma of the pharma-insurance, authorization driven medical industry. This allows us to seek together with people who seek our God Given knowledge and experience, the true and possible cause of the affliction they happen to be suffering from, then formulate an All-Natural, comprehensive therapeutic plan that is directed towards a CURE and not just symptom reduction.


Thirty plus years of Private Practice Ownership, Direction, Teaching and Mentoring of all types of therapeutic concerns has given us the desire to provide finally complete care with Truth and the really help others to the best of our ability.


$2500 and Up, Adjusted Scale


Programs are evaluated and setup at the time of the initial consultation, rates are adjusted based on time, and clients ability to pay.


Addiction Rehabilitation Programs are 1 to 3 hours a day, 3 to 5 days a week and can last anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the severity of the addiction, its physical damage inflicted on the body, and the duration of the addiction process of the past. All clients start either during the detox phase of the treatment or directly following its completion. 


God has given us the tools all around us to overcome any of the storms as well as the issues these may bring.


It is our Goal and Ambition to free our brother's, sister's, ourselves and themselves, from the hopelessness and enslavement of the pharma driven medical dogma, alcohol or other forms of physical damaging addictions, of which years of afflictions perpetuate, the deceptions that have spoken into our entire lives regarding the reality of sicknesses and afflictions, and then instruct into a path of God-given, natural, good and healthy alternatives to achieve wellness and health. 


Call to Discuss Contracting, Lectures, or Directing Options

In this environment of our present medical community, as we see it today, there is a clear desire for change, this is being expressed not only nationally, and politically, but also expressed by the desires of the people as a whole.


This general desire is expressed nowhere more clearly than in the area of Rehabilitation specifically in the Home Health sector. The problem is, it is an environment that has flourished on the necessity of crisis management, but consequently developed into a more rehabilitation minded atmosphere, at least in its referral base, as the industry increasingly moved towards increasing postoperative efficiencies as well as taking advantage of early intervention after event to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

While the entire industry has been initially a sort of first response caregiving sector of medicine, whereby success and profits were stimulated by efficiency and streamlining, now there is increased demand to justify and quantify the rehabilitation aspects of the experience, leaving practitioners and companies with the dilemma of trying to figure out how to inject this into the present models. 


When "True Rehabilitation" is injected into a program, the result is Increased Patient Satisfaction, Reduced or completely eliminated rehospitalization, the success rate is astonishing to go through the roof, and business grows not by cutting time, but by positive success in a dramatically shorter period of time. People are happy, Referring Doctors are happy sending more patients, and insurance companies save money, everybody wins!

Our methods and Instructions have the immediate effect of increasing;

The effectiveness of each and every visit,

The reduction and virtual illumination of re-hospitalization

The dramatic increase in client and referring satisfaction

The dramatic increase in provider validation and retention,

The increase of communication and collaboration of nursing and rehab,

The virtual elimination of the stressors being pressed upon the industry as a whole.


$250 per Hour 1-2 Hour Consultations

In-Home, Private, Public, and Guest Speaking real methods for Fitness, Body Sculpting, Weight-Loss, Health, Wellness and Nutritional . 


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Enter into a world where you, your family, your congregation, or public appearance audience can take control as well as rightful authority, over the infirmities that afflict us.


We instruct people how first to view these issues, examining the causes, and not just the symptoms of afflictions, and then formulate a health based rehabilitation program that will use mainly natural available . We consult and teach simple leadership skills designed to help people, health care practitioners, students as well as teachers on their road of spiritual self-discovery, as together gain insight to the truth regarding health, healthcare, addictions, afflictions, storms, and eventually personal growth. 


This is basically a journey to find Truth.



The simple truth about health care is simple; we have been systematically lied to about just about everything when it comes to our health and health care treatment. People have been slowly and completely brainwashed in their belief regarding their own health for years and this belief has slowly been altered to a point of complete fear and loss of hope.

The simple truth about health care is that unless a person looks to the cause of an issue, and then concentrates a subsequent treatment plan to fight the affliction in a likewise rehabilitation plan, they have a blind man in a boxing matches chance of overcoming the attack or sickness.

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